As a native Texan coming from an East Texas ranching family, we love our bar-b-que and take it quite seriously. After the meat preparation and cooking time, the sauce is what makes all the difference in defining the great taste.

REAR OF THE STEER BAR-B-QUE SAUCE has been an experiment in progress for many years. We now have the perfect blend of spices and ingredients to keep our family happy and coming back for more.

Our customers love it and even eat it on crackers when they run out of bar-b-que!

Some even keep it on their table with the salt and pepper!


“I’ve eaten BBQ throughout the South all my life and this is the best sauce I’ve ever had.”
-Norman Compton

“This is the best BBQ sauce I’ve ever eaten. It compliments any meat I put it on!”
-Mary Larke

“I only thought I’d had good BBQ sauce until I tasted Rear of the Steer Bar-B-Que Sauce. It is the best there is! Hands down. In fact, it is the only sauce good enough to go with EP’s smoked meat.”
-Chuck Williams